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Ksport Kontrol Pro Coilovers

Ksport Kontrol Pro Fully Adjustable Coilover Kits provide the ultimate in suspension technology featuring its 36-way adjustable dampening, adjustable spring perch, adjustable body and pillow-ball mounts. The Ksport Kontrol Pro Coilover kit has been designed with professional road racing in mind offering extremely high value and performance.

Ksport Kontrol Pro Coilovers Feature:

- 36-way adjustable dampening
- Made from high quality 6061 Aluminum with T6 for increased hardness
- Compression/Rebound adjustable
- Adjustable spring perch for height adjustment
- Adjustable body allowing maximum suspension travel
- Pillow Ball Top Mount w/ adjustable camber (not available for some models)
- Monotube High Pressure Design reduces oil leakage
- Electroplated body for protection from corrosion and rust
- One Year Limited Warranty

Application Part Number
Acura CL 01-03 YA4 CAC07-KP
Acura Integra 90-93 DA6 CAC01-KP
Acura Integra 94-01 DC2 CAC020-KP
Acura Integra 94-01 DC2 Type RCAC021-KP
Acura Legend 91-95 KA7 CAC08-KP
Acura NSX 90-05 NA1 CAC04-KP
Acura RSX 02-06 DC5 CAC03-KP
Acura TL 99-03 UA5 CAC06-KP
Acura TSX 04-up CL9 CAC05-KP
Audi A3 96-03 8L CAU030-KP
Audi A3 Quattro 96-03 CAU031-KP
Audi A3 03-up 8P CAU090-KP
Audi A3 04-up Sportback oe front strut is 55mmCAU091-KP
Audi A3 04-up Sportback oe front strut is 50mmCAU094-KP
Audi A3 Quattro 04-up SportbackCAU093-KP
Audi A4 95-01 B5 CAU020-KP
Audi A4 Quattro 95-01 B5 CAU021-KP
Audi A4 01-05 B6 CAU010-KP
Audi A4 01-05 B6 4wdCAU011-KP
Audi A4 04-up B7 CAU080-KP
Audi A4 04-up B7 4wdCAU081-KP
Audi A6 98-04 C5 2wdCAU07-KP
Audi A6 04-up C6 2wdCAU100-KP
Audi S3 99-03 4wdCAU06-KP
Audi S4 95-01 B5 CAU110-KP
Audi TT 99-05 CAU050-KP
Audi TT Quattro 99-05 CAU051-KP
Audi TT 06-up CAU120-KP
Audi TT Quattro 06-up CAU121-KP
BMW 1 series 04-up E87 CBM130-KP
BMW 3 series 82-92 E30 CBM010-KP
BMW 3 series 93-99 E36 CBM02-KP
BMW 3 series 00-05 E46 CBM03-KP
BMW 3 series 05-up E90 CBM090-KP
BMW 3 series 05-up E91 CBM091-KP
BMW 3 series 06-up E92 CBM092-KP
BMW 5 series 97-03 E39 CBM08-KP
BMW 5 series 04-up E60/E61 CBM110-KP
BMW M3 93-99 E36 CBM04-KP
BMW M3 00-05 E46 CBM05-KP
BMW M5 99-03 E39 CBM120-KP
BMW Z3 96-02 Non M PowerCBM06-KP
BMW Z4 02-up E85/86 Non M PowerCBM100-KP
Cadillac CTS 03-up CCA010-KP
Chevrolet Cobalt 05-up CCV04-KP
Chrysler 300 05-up CCY020-KP
Dodge Neon 95-99 CDG01-KP
Dodge Neon 00-05 CDG02-KP
Dodge Neon SRT-4 03-05 CDG03-KP
Dodge Stealth 91-99 2wdCMT190-KP
Dodge Stealth 91-99 4wdCMT191-KP
Ferrari F360 99-04 CFE010-KP
Ford Contour 97-00 CFD110-KP
Ford Focus 00-up DAW CFD10-KP
Ford Focus 06-07 US modelCFD15-KP
Ford Probe 88-92 CFD04-KP
Ford Probe 93-97 CFD05-KP
Honda Accord 90-93 CB7 CHD07-KP
Honda Accord 94-97 CD CHD07-KP
Honda Accord 98-02 CG1/2/3 CHD08-KP
Honda Accord 03-07 CM5/6/7/8 CHD10-KP
Honda Accord 08-up 4cyl.CHD230-KP
Honda Accord 08-up 6cyl.CHD231-KP
Honda Civic/CRX 1988 EF CHD011-KP
Honda Civic/CRX 89-91 EF CHD01-KP
Honda Civic 92-95 EG CHD02-KP
Honda Civic 96-00 EK CHD03-KP
Honda Civic 01-05 ES1/EM2 CHD04-KP
Honda Civic 01-05 EP3 HBCHD05-KP
Honda Civic 06-up FG1 CHD19-KP
Honda CRV 96-01 RD2 CHD11-KP
Honda CRV 01-06 RD5 CHD12-KP
Honda Fit 01-up GD1 CHD16-KP
Honda Odyssey 03-up RB1/2 CHD20-KP
Honda Prelude 88-91 BA4 CHD21-KP
Honda Prelude 88-91 BA4 CHD21-RR
Honda Prelude 92-96 BB1 CHD17-KP
Honda Prelude 97-01 BB6 CHD18-KP
Honda S2000 99-up AP1 CHD14-KP
Hyundai Accent 00-04 CHY06-KP
Hyundai Elantra 96-00 CHY01-KP
Hyundai Elantra 01-06 CHY07-KP
Hyundai Elantra 07-up CHY140-KP
Hyundai Santa Fe 01-06 2.0 2wdCHY130-KP
Hyundai Sonata 00-04 CHY11-KP
Hyundai Sonata 05-up CHY09-KP
Hyundai Tiburon 97-02 CHY04-KP
Hyundai Tiburon 03-Up CHY05-KP
Hyundai Tucson 05-up dx 2wdCHY08-KP
Hyundai XG 98-05 CHY12-KP
Infiniti G20 91-96 P10 CNS13-KP
Infiniti G20 99-02 P11 CNS14-KP
Infiniti G35 03-07 V35 coupeCNS26-KP
Infiniti G35 03-06 V35 sedanCNS261-KP
Infiniti G35 07-up V36 sedanCIN010-KP
Infiniti G37 08-up V36 CIN020-KP
Lexus ES300 97-01 CTY03-KP
Lexus ES300 02-06 CLX07-KP
Lexus GS300/400/430 91-96 CLX08-KP
Lexus GS300/400/430 97-05 JZS160L CLX05-KP
Lexus GS300 06-up GRS190L 2wdCLX130-KP
Lexus GS350 06-up GRS190L CLX131-KP
Lexus GS430 06-up UZS190 CLX132-KP
Lexus IS250 06-up CLX11-KP
Lexus IS300 00-up JCE10 CLX02-KP
Lexus IS350 06-up CLX12-KP
Lexus LS400 89-94 CLX140-KP
Lexus LS400 95-00 CLX09-KP
Lexus SC300/400 91-00 CLX10-KP
Lexus SC430 01-up CLX06-KP
Mercedes Benz
Mercedes Benz C CLASS 93-00 W202 CMD02-KP
Mercedes Benz C CLASS 00-07 W203 CMD050-KP
Mercedes Benz C CLASS 07-up W204 CMD080-KP
Mercedes Benz CLK 98-02 W208 CMD04-KP
Mercedes Benz CLK 03-up W209 4cylCMD060-KP
Mercedes Benz CLK 03-up W209 6cylCMD061-KP
Mercedes Benz E CLASS 95-01 W210 CMD01-KP
Mercedes Benz SLK 97-03 CMD03-KP
Mercedes Benz SLK 97-03 R171 200,280,350CMD070-KP
Mazda 2 08-up CMZ210-KP
Mazda 3 03-up CMZ01-KP
Mazda 323 88-94 2wdCMZ162-KP
Mazda 323 95-98 2wdCMZ15-KP
Mazda 323 98-up CMZ02-KP
Mazda 5 06-up CMZ180-KP
Mazda 626 93-97 CMZ03-KP
Mazda 626 98-02 CMZ04-KP
Mazda 6 02-up CMZ05-KP
Mazda Miata 89-97 NA6(8)C CMZ06-KP
Mazda Miata 98-up NB8C CMZ07-KP
Mazda MX-3 91-98 CMZ200-KP
Mazda MX-6 88-92 CMZ17-KP
Mazda MX-6 93-97 CMZ09-KP
Mazda Protege 95-98 CMZ15-KP
Mazda Protege 99-03 CMZ02-KP
Mazda RX-7 85-91 FC3S CMZ14-KP
Mazda RX-7 92-02 FD3S CMZ10-KP
Mazda RX-8 03-up SE3P CMZ11-KP
Mini Cooper 02-up CBM07-KP
Mitsubishi 3000GT 91-99 2wdCMT190-KP
Mitsubishi 3000GT 91-99 4wdCMT191-KP
Mitsubishi Eclipse 89-94 D22A 2wdCMT050-KP
Mitsubishi Eclipse 89-94 D27 4wdCMT051-KP
Mitsubishi Eclipse 95-99 D32A CMT06-KP
Mitsubishi Eclipse 00-05 D52/D53 CMT07-KP
Mitsubishi EVO 7/8 01-05 CT9A CMT15-KP
Mitsubishi EVO 9 06-up CMT15-KP
Mitsubishi EVO 10 07-up CMT25-KP
Mitsubishi Galant 89-93 VR4 4wdCMT22-KP
Mitsubishi Galant 99-up EA8A CMT01-KP
Mitsubishi Galant 99-up VR4 CMT02-KP
Mitsubishi Lancer/Mirage 92-96 CA4A CMT08-KP
Mitsubishi Lancer/Mirage 97-01 CJ4A CMT09-KP
Mitsubishi Lancer 02-Up CS6A CMT10-KP
Nissan 300ZX 90-96 Z32 CNS25-KP
Nissan 350Z 03-Up Z33 CNS26-KP
Nissan Altima 93-97 CNS02-KP
Nissan Altima 02-07 CNS27-KP
Nissan Altima 08-up CNS320-KP
Nissan Maxima 95-99 A32 CefiroCNS04-KP
Nissan Maxima 00-03 A33 CefiroCNS05-KP
Nissan Maxima 04-up A34 CefiroCNS06-KP
Nissan Sentra 90-94 B13 CNS08-KP
Nissan Sentra 95-99 B14 CNS09-KP
Nissan Sentra SE-R 02-up B15 CNS10-KP
Nissan Sentra 07-up B16 Incl. SE RCNS290-KP
Nissan Skyline 89-94 R32 GTR GT4CNS150-KP
Nissan Skyline 89-94 R32 GTSTCNS151-KP
Nissan Skyline 95-98 R33 GTST 2WDCNS160-KP
Nissan Skyline 95-98 R33 BCNR33 4wdCNS161-KP
Nissan Skyline 99-02 R34 2WDCNS170-KP
Nissan Skyline 99-02 R34 BNR34 4wdCNS171-KP
Nissan Skyline 01-up V35 CNS26-KP
Nissan 240sx 89-94 S13 CNS21-KP
Nissan 240sx 95-98 S14 CNS22-KP
Nissan Silvia 99-up S15 CNS23-KP
Nissan Versa 06-up CNS280-KP
Porsche 996 Carrera-2 99-04 CPO010-KP
Porsche 996 Turbo 99-04 4wdCPO011-KP
Porsche Boxster 96-05 CPO02-KP
Saab 9-3 03-up 1.8T, 2.0T, 2.8TCSA020-KP
Saab 9-5 99-up CSA010-KP
Scion XA 04-07 CSC03-KP
Scion XB 04-07 NCP31 CSC01-KP
Scion XB 08-up CSC040-KP
Scion XD 08-up CSC050-KP
Scion TC 05-up FW21 CSC02-KP
Subaru Forester 98-02 CSB01-KP
Subaru Forester 03-up CSB02-KP
Subaru Impreza 93-01 GC8 CSB03-KP
Subaru Impreza WRX 02-07 GDA/GDB/GGA CSB04-KP
Subaru Impreza WRX STI 2004 GDF CSB04-KP
Subaru Impreza WRX STI 05-07 GDB/E/F CSB12-KP
Subaru Impreza WRX 08-up GH8 CSB150-KP
Subaru Impreza WRX STI 08-up GRB CSB140-KP
Subaru Impreza STI 93-01 CSB05-KP
Subaru Impreza STI 02-up CSB06-KP
Subaru Legacy 90-94 BC5 CSB08-KP
Subaru Legacy 95-99 BD5 CSB10-KP
Subaru Legacy 00-04 B4 CSB11-KP
Subaru Legacy 05-up BL9 CSB09-KP
Toyota Camry 92-96 CTY02-KP
Toyota Camry 97-01 MCV20L CTY03-KP
Toyota Camry 02-06 CTY04-KP
Toyota Camry 07-up CTY400-KP
Toyota Celica 90-93 ST184 GT, GT S, SXCTY101-KP
Toyota Celica 90-93 ST185 All Trac, GT FourCTY100-KP
Toyota Celica 94-99 AT100/ST202 CTY050-KP
Toyota Celica 94-99 ST205 4wdCTY051-KP
Toyota Celica 94-99 ST202/203 SuperstrutCTY052-KP
Toyota Celica 00-06 ZZT231 CTY06-KP
Toyota Corolla 83-87 AE86 CTY07-KP
Toyota Corolla 88-97 AE92,AE11,AE101 CTY08-KP
Toyota Corolla 98-02 ZZE110 CTY09-KP
Toyota Corolla Altis 01-up NZE121/E120 CTY30-KP
Toyota Corolla 03-up ZZE130L CTY26-KP
Toyota Echo 00-up SCT10/NCP12L CTY11-KP
Toyota MR2 85-89 AW11 CTY370-KP
Toyota MR2 90-99 SW20 CTY24-KP
Toyota MR2 Spyder 00-06 ZZW30 CTY25-KP
Toyota Paseo 91-95 L4 CTY410-KP
Toyota Paseo 96-99 L5 CTY420-KP
Toyota Supra 87-92 JZA70/MA70 CTY29-KP
Toyota Supra 93-02 JZA80 CTY19-KP
Toyota Tercel 95-02 CTY16-KP
Toyota Yaris 06-up CTY320-KP
Volkswagen Beetle 98-04 CVW07-KP
Volkswagen Golf 2 88-92 MKII CVW02-KP
Volkswagen Golf 3 93-98 MKIII CVW03-KP
Volkswagen Golf 4 97-04 MKIV CVW040-KP
Volkswagen Golf 4 97-04 MKIV 4wdCVW041-KP
Volkswagen Golf 5 05-up MKV CVW050-KP
Volkswagen Golf 5 05-up GTI CVW051-KP
Volkswagen Golf 5 05-up GTI PlusCVW052-KP
Volkswagen Golf 5 05-up R32 CVW053-KP
Volkswagen Jetta 3 91-99 MKIII CVW06-KP
Volkswagen Jetta 4 99-05 MKIV CVW04-KP
Volkswagen Jetta 5 05-up MKV CVW180-KP
Volkswagen Jetta 5 05-up MKV 4wdCVW181-KP
Volkswagen Passat 89-93 B3 CVW09-KP
Volkswagen Passat 94-97 B4 CVW10-KP
Volkswagen Passat 98-05 B5/B5G CVW13-KP
Volkswagen Passat 05-up B5/B5G CVW13-KP
Volkswagen Rabbit 03-up CVW050-KP
Volvo S40 95-04 CVO010-KP
Volvo S40 04-up CVO070-KP
Volvo C30 07-up CVO040-KP
Volvo C70 06-up CVO050-KP

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